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Sixx Sense

Sixx Sense

Nikki Sixx is a rock music icon, multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, producer, best-selling author, clothing designer, photographer, and now host of the new national radio show Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx.

Combine Nikki's attitude, humor, stories, great guests and incredible promotions with a locally programmed music schedule, and you have a show that fits seamlessly into any rock radio format. Nikki's co-host, Kerri Kasem is a motorcycle-riding radio veteran, whose playful banter and opinions rival Nikki’s attitude and edge.

With Sixx Sense, listeners get a look inside the twisted and awesome mind of one of their music heroes. Get in touch with Sixx Sense online at for pictures, podcasts, interviews and a variety of contests and giveaways.

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